Badass of August 2020 – Elva

Atelier Lumikha awards the Badass Employee of the Month to someone who exceeds his/her job expectations. Hence, this month’s Badass Employee is our very own Wonder Woman, Elva! Being a support agent (voice) at Interletz, Elva is one of the most hardworking persons we’ve ever met.

JP, our HR supervisor, nominated her for the award since he was able to observe Elva’s work and saw how passionate she is in managing her calls. She works for a different job in the morning then works for us from late afternoon until late evening “without a sweat.” On top of this, she even has time to take her MBA and manage her online business. How does she do it? We can only wonder!

Our colleagues at Interletz have also commended Elva’s professionalism even when she encounters angry clients. She remains very calm and assists these clients with their needs.

To know more about how she makes everything go smoothly despite her busy schedule, we asked Elva a couple of things:

How do you motivate yourself to be exceptional in your job while maintaining work–life balance?

One thing that keeps me motivated as an employee is reminding myself daily that I am a work in progress, and I must honor God in everything that I do. Keeping in mind that I am working for Him, not for men.

Please give us your tips and tricks to become an effective employee.

To be an effective employee, you need to focus on your work’s purpose and look back on how you got to where you are (your current job). Be grateful always no matter what, and remain kind despite the feedback you hear from other people. Remember that you don’t know everything, so be TEACHABLE.

Can you share a piece of advice to those who want to excel in their line of work?

As for me, I don’t expect to be appreciated and to excel in my field of work. What I always put in mind is that “always make sure you are being efficient in the tasks given to you.” People may overlook the success you made, but one thing’s  for sure is that someone up there is looking at its every detail. Honor Him first, and no one will be against you. Work hard in silence and let your success be your noise.