Badass of November 2020 – Meriam

Every year, Atelier Lumikha welcomes new talented individuals to the family. The company makes sure that new employees know how their position fits into the company and how their roles are valuable. This is part of their training in becoming an efficient employee. Atelier Lumikha awards the Badass Employee for November to Meriam Gabas, the ace of Interletz, the company’s newest account. 

Ms. Joy, the company’s site director, applauded Meriam’s performance and said “You continue to exceed every expectation that we set, Meriam. Thank you for your tremendous help in all of the projects assigned to you before you finally landed in Interletz. We commend your diligence, dedication, and hard work. You are a pleasure to work with.”

Meanwhile, Interletz head Greg Deeley expressed his gratitude to Meriam and her performance and shared that Interletz is happy with the service that she has provided. “It’s great that I can be confident that when you answer the phone, you deal with it in a friendly, professional, and efficient manner. And that’s the reason why we’re growing the business next year, so I hope you’ll stay with us because we need you, and your efforts are very much appreciated,” Deeley said.

Meriam has set the standards for a new employee in a startup account! We sat down with the badass awardee and asked her to share her challenges, insights, and tips for new employees.

Describe your work ethic and routine to get things done efficiently and effectively.

I like being goal-oriented. I make sure to put myself in the client’s position and always ask myself the question, “If I was the client, would I be happy with my progress, work, or output?” Aside from that, I accept criticism and corrections as I believe they will help me improve not only in work but also as a person. Never complain about whatever task is given to you, since the management will not assign tasks to you if they have doubts about your capabilities. I believe that they provide more tasks because they trust you enough.

Being a fresh employee in the company, how did you manage to excel in your work and tasks?

Being a fresh employee was not easy, but it was fun. I manage to excel in my work and tasks because I have great mentors and teammates who will never get tired of answering my questions. They would help me, and in return, I would assist them as well. I never did it all by myself, and I owe it all to my team. I always view my achievement as our team’s accomplishment as well.

How did you manage to help grow a startup account in Lumikha?

I manage to help it grow by doing what I love and loving what I do. I always give 100% dedication and effort to all the tasks assigned to me.

What is your advice for new employees and future employees of Atelier Lumikha in achieving goals in the workplace?

My advice for everyone in the company is to find a mentor and also to be a mentor. Take criticism or “feedback” for what it is—a gift for you to become better in what you do. Don’t worry about how the management or your mentors give criticisms. Instead, glean the teachable nuggets and move on. Work hard and be nice to people (this is a very simple motto that I try to live by daily). Also, reward yourself with your favorite food from time to time. You deserve it.

Atelier Lumikha believes that aligning new employees with their roles will make them feel needed and important. This helps them associate themselves with the workplace culture. As a result of a more intense engagement with the company, Lumikhans are motivated to work efficiently. And indeed, Meriam is an excellent example of a hardworking and efficient employee.