Badass of September 2020 – Argie

Atelier Lumikha serves as a home to loyal, tenured employees, with Lumikhans staying in the company for as long as seven years. One of these employees is known as a super dad since he managed to work for Atelier Lumikha for the past six years while being a full-time dad at home. Our Badass Employee for September is no other than super dad Argie Baybay!

Argie’s colleagues have witnessed how he does his work well. Mac, who is working under the (RADD) account, said that Argie is continually supporting their team even though he already transitioned to Camplify. 

JP, Atelier Lumikha’s HR supervisor, also shared his own appreciation for the Badass employee, saying that Argie is “very quiet yet he gets the job done.” He added that Argie is “Very flexible in his schedule and ready to help at any time. And, no amount of rain, vehicle malfunction, or whatever unfortunate event can stop him from going to the office despite the distance from his home. When you see some clothes hanging and dried in the office, that is Argie’s because he just battled the rain to be present for work! You can see the determination and patience! And just like what Mac said, it’s cool that while he is a regular in Camp, he helps out with RADD in the late hours. And these are on top of his daddy duties… without a complaint at that!” 

Indeed, Argie is a role model for working dads and employees out there. What is his secret to success? We got curious and asked our Badass a few questions on how he managed to juggle being a full-time dad while also being excellent in his work. 

How do you manage to balance work and life outside the office?

It’s simple! During my days off, I always schedule a specific time to check emails and any urgent requests from the client. If I ever find any emails, I make sure to address that as soon as possible and then either forward it to one of my fabulous team members or go to the office and work on it myself.

How do you motivate yourself to be exceptional in your job while maintaining that balance for the last couple of years?

Most of my routines changed after my daughter was born, but one thing that has remained consistent is how I spend little time with my co-workers. A small conversation can go a long way.

Please give us your tips on how to be consistent in your work for many years.

Never be afraid to fail in your work. Instead, use it as your leverage to expand your knowledge and to do better next time.

Can you share a piece of advice to those who want to excel in their line of work?

Never be afraid to fail for a start. But most importantly, do not stress yourself. Working in a BPO industry can be stressful, so don’t hesitate to take a quick break. Stand up and go for a short walk, listen to music, or have a casual conversation with your colleagues. 

There you have it—our Badass employee for September, Argie Baybay! Cheers to Argie for being a role model in the company and being the best dad to his family.