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Cloud Infrastructure Administrator

Atelier Lumikha is Looking for an IT Professional to Manage our Cloud and Office Infrastructure

About the Job

Our cloud infrastructure is built around Google Cloud and Google enterprise applications for office.

Because we are a marketing company and Google search and advertising tools control access to our clients’ online presence, it makes good sense for us to remain well-integrated with Google’s infrastructure.

You will be responsible for learning, understanding, and ultimately mastering our cloud platforms. In support of this, you will develop and document processes as well as key information that Lumikha relies on for continuous operations.

You will also be responsible for the smooth operations of our on premise infrastructure including desktop PCs and Macs as well as our routers and internet access.

Position Duties

Manage Google Cloud hosting and Google Suite apps in close coordination with Development Team, Operations Team, and Management. 40%

Plan systems growth and proactively troubleshoot systems to improve operational efficiencies. 15%

Create and manage process documentation. 15%

Research and learn better ways to perform your work. 30%

About You

Because you're technical in nature, you should be a problem solver with a passion for gaining knowledge.

You will be developing solutions for internal and external clients. Therefore you should offer solutions that are fully implemented and solve the problem as presented in an elegant and streamlined way.

You should plan to develop into your role and become an important and dependable team player.

Your skills include English Fluency; fast typing; a basic understanding of standard office applications like Google Documents, Google Sheets, and Google Slides; You should also be comfortable with social media, internet research, and using a web browser.

More important than your acquired skills (we’ll help you with those), you should be a good learner with a curious mind.

Job Details

This is a full-time position located in Dumaguete City, however we will consider part-time work for the right candidate. The position pays between P11 - 15,000/month depending on education level and prior experience. Lumikhans work thirty-two hours/week and, upon regularization, earn twenty-four paid leave days per year.