Badass of July 2020 – Christine

Almost all Lumikhans know Christine or “Tin” since she has been with the company for 7 years now. As one of Lumikha’s pioneering employees and Camplify’s program supervisor, Tin is a role model that her colleagues look up to. 

We award the Badass Employee of the Month award to someone who exceeds the expectations of his/her job. Tin possesses badass employee qualities and then some. Aside from arriving on time for work, she finds a better, more efficient way to complete a task, anticipating problems before they occur, and taking steps to avoid them.

This testimonial from Chendy, Odyssey’s project supervisor and tenured employee, shows Tin’s competency. For her, Tin has been a tough, strong team leader. Despite major setbacks and lay-offs, she still stood firm with her remaining team members and with the company itself. She continued her tasks and worked with 100% dedication. “Christine is one of the people I look up to in the company. I think she deserves recognition and appreciation from the whole company.” 

Another colleague, Efril, views her as dedicated and flexible. In her words, “our team has been through a challenge the past months, as four of us needed to leave, but Ms. Tin has been so dedicated and flexible to do all tasks by herself.”

There’s no question that her colleagues view her as a role model in the company. But how does Tin maintain such a positive working attitude while juggling her other responsibilities outside of work? We chatted with the Badass winner about her tips on becoming an effective leader, her success at work, and her work–life balance. 

How do you motivate yourself to be exceptional in your job while maintaining worklife balance?

Through the years of working in the organization, reality hits me that work will never end. I just need my best self to knock those workloads within working hours. If you have done everything you can, then you have done your job well. Once you shutdown your computer, you need to stop thinking about work and resume it on the next day. You need time to unwind your mind away from your tasks, so when you get back in your workplace, you are in your best state to do the job.

 Give us your tips and tricks to become an effective employee and leader.

  • Set some goals for the week to guide you on how to approach your pending tasks. Your tasks for the day must be prioritized.
  • If you encounter roadblocks, set yourself away from the computer and take a deep breath (or watch cat videos). Once you ease up, go back and you can think of ways to solve those roadblocks.
  • Communication with the team is one of the effective ways to reach your goals.
  • Be patient especially in explaining new processes. Never expect that people have the same level of comprehension and understanding.
  • Always be open-minded. An organization is composed of employees with different characters, views, and opinions that may be different from yours. Listen to their opinions and reasons and also raise yours. Find the advantage and disadvantage of this opinion and choose what’s the best way to solve the problem based on those opinions.

 Can you share a piece of advice to those who want to excel in their line of work?

  • Find your rhythm when working
  • Blocking non-work related information from your mind will help you ease up
  • Set some goals to work every day
  • Have fun and enjoy your work

There you have it, our Badass Employee of the Month! Congratulations, Tin! You deserve it.