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How we manage content writing for blogs and wikis.

How we manage content writing for blogs and wikis.

Content Program Overview

The Program

Beyond our own marketing efforts, our marketing business supports small businesses and creators. Our companies and our clients need regular content that will inform audiences about a range of topics with fresh and engaging content. This program is designed to develop a system for content creation in partnership with a cadre of freelancers who regularly contribute work.

Our Objectives

Our goal is to create a system that generates quality content on a continuing basis and fairly compensates copywriters for good, informative writing. We also want to establish a system that entices quality writers to establish an ongoing, mutually-profitable relationship with Lambent.

Key Features of Our Program

We believe our approach is characterized by several novel features:

  • Direct payment in US dollars according to a simple schedule
  • Advance payment of 25% for assets of ≤1,000 words
  • Increasing rates based on experience
  • AI tools for copywriting to make writing faster & easier
  • A solid management framework, including clear guidelines for assessment

How We Assign Content

Asset tasks reside in our project management tool, ClickUp. Each task includes basic information about the content, including the asset title (which is also the task title), an explanation of the asset, an outline, and any relevant reference links.

Task Process Using ClickUp

ClickUp is our project management tool. We use it to communicate internally and with freelancers. This also tracks the information used by our clients to understand the work we do for them.

  • Post Task in ClickUp
    • When we add a new task, all active freelancers will be notified of the new asset request by email.
    • Tasks include the asset name, which is the task name, and the asset outline. Often, Lambent will include specific keywords for inclusion.
  • Claim Task
  • Lambent Sends the Advance
  • Write the New Asset
    • Research topic for ideas
    • Build draft using Jasper
    • Rewrite draft using content guidelines
    • Check the draft using Grammarly
  • Submit the Draft Asset for Review
  • Make Changes as Requested
  • Submit Final Document
  • Lambent Sends Final Payment

Asset Tasks in ClickUp

We manage all work in ClickUp. We've included a short clip explaining the Task interface below. Part of your onboarding includes a short orientation on ClickUp. The link below opens a video introduction ClickUp.


Asset Types

Definitions ≤300 words

For several properties we manage, we frequently add definitions to an industry glossary. This has search optimization value and provides a resource for other assets that we can access as required.

Email ≤300 words

Much of our work focuses on email sequences for cold outreach, lead nurturing, and prospect nurturing with relevant content and newsletters. Email content varies but is usually 50-200 words long.

Posts 1-2,000+ words

Blog posts are central to search optimization, but they are also a great way to build longer-form assets and also provide value to our audience with relevant information presented in an engaging manner. Most blog posts are discussions of a single idea or concept.

Guides 2-5,000+ words

Online guides are detailed explanations of a specific topic in detail. These are well-researched and complete in their coverage. In many cases, they will include information graphics and other explanatory images.

Courses 2-5,000+ words

Like online guides, learning courses are complete treatments of a topic where the rhetorical strategies lie in educating an audience.

How We Assess Content


Across all content we write and use for various assets, we want to offer the world something of value. To create value, we want to inform with fresh, unique content. We take the position that our audience is intelligent and interested in accomplishing great things.

  • Does it say something worth reading?
  • Does it achieve its stated goal?
  • Is it well-researched & accurate?
  • Does the content conform to the style guide?


Grammar checkers like Grammarly provide a valuable tool for checking grammar. They are not definitive, but they are useful references. For most clients, we use American standard grammar and spelling.

  • Is the language active (vs passive)?
  • Is the language positive and energetic?
  • Is the grammar correct?
  • Do the grammar and word choices reflect American standard English?

Search Optimization (Definitions, Blogs, Online Guides)

  • Does the asset use relevant keywords?
  • Is the word count search optimized?
  • Do the metatags include keyword(s), and are they effective?
  • Are there H2, H3, etc. headers?
  • Are there internal links to site content?
  • Is a Table of Contents included?

Compensation Approach

Our approach to compensation includes extensive support with 25% cash advances for long-form work (≥1,000 words), extensive project management support, and tools that speed up your writing process. We pay by the word and in USD sent directly to any bank worldwide using Wise. For assets above 1,000 words, we pay a 25% advance based on the expected word count. Compensation is structured to reward writers who provide quality work at volume, so we offer higher rates for longer content and for the number of assets you produce.

Compensation Schedule

Payment increases by word count and the number of assets you have submitted to us.

Submission History
Word Count

We pay advances for writing tasks where we require at least 1,000 words. These tasks include blog posts, long-form guides, and learning material.

While our client roster is constantly evolving, we currently cover the following topics:

Topics We Cover

Business Process Outsourcing



  • BPO industry
  • BPO industry Philippines
  • BPO best practices
  • Best practices for BPO employees
  • Best practices for prospective BPO employees
  • Best practices for outsourcers
  • Site selection for locators
  • BPO locations in the Philippines




  • Online Marketing
  • Best practices
  • How to guides
  • Reference guides
  • Content Marketing
  • Best practices
  • How to guides
  • Reference guides

Remote Teams



  • Best practices, management techniques
  • How to guides
  • Reference guides

Executive Recruiting



  • Staffing leaders in the Philippines
  • Recruiting and Human Resources (HR) in the Philippines
  • Banking & Finance
  • BPO
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Consumer Goods
  • Pharma

Enterprise eLearning


  • Knowedia


  • Best practices
  • How to guides
  • Reference guides

Tools We Use


Wise - Wise is the payment platform we use to transfer money into your account. You don't need to sign-up for Wise, but it is a great tool for cross-border payments. LastPass - We use LastPass for password management and sharing. You will need to sign up with LastPass so we can share passwords with you. ClickUp - ClickUp is our project management and coordination platform. Once you agree to work with us, we will send you an invitation for guest access.  Jasper - Jasper is an AI writing tool. Jasper is a metered service, so please do not use this outside of Lambent-assigned projects.Grammarly - Grammarly is a proofing tool we use to check grammar and to ensure the content is unique using its plagiarism checker.


Content GuideWe use MailChimp's content guide. It is open-sourced, and we're using it as is until we adapt a version of our own.MailChimp Content Style GuideStock ArtComplementary with the article. The best selections enhance understanding or comment on the written material.

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