The Hiring Process

Here's how we find great people who make teams that deliver awe-inspiring work.

How Lumikha Hires

When you join Lumikha, you’ll learn that we are very invested in employee longevity, so we invest heavily in learning and coaching everyone we hire. Great teams start with outstanding individuals. Here’s how we keep it real:

Step One – Apply Online

Browse Our Open Positions

Check out our available positions on this site, so start reading and clicking.

Complete the Online Application

Give us a quick summary of who you are and what you want to do. We try to make this easy with a super-quick web form where you can give us your basic deets, and we’ll review this to see if you look like a good fit for the program and Lumikha.

You’ll want to have the following information handy when you complete the form:

  • Your contact info (including email address and mobile number)
  • Your recent work history info (position, dates, etc.)
  • For website development, graphic design, content writing, and similar jobs, please give us a link or links to your online portfolio

Step Two – Review and Meet & Greet Call

Information Review

Once you send your web form application over, we will look at it to see if you might be a good fit for our project and the team.

Resume Request

If we don’t have your professional history, we ask you to send your resume so we can review your experience and background.

A Meet Up Call  

If you look like a good candidate for us, we’ll email you to arrange a time to call you so we can have an informal discussion and learn more about each other.

Step Three – Video Interview & Reference Check

The Video Interview

This step takes you to a more formal interview with one or two senior Lumikhans to dive into more background information, and we explain your program.With your successful interview, we’ll schedule you for a second interview with one of our leaders.

Reference Review

We sometimes conduct a reference check to verify information that will aid us in successfully hiring you. This may include your former employer or school teachers. It’s always a good idea to inform your references that we may give them a call.

Step Four – Job Offer

Email Job Offer

Once we have your job offer ready, we’ll send an email explaining the job, your responsibilities, and your base pay allowances and benefits.

Ready? Let’s get started.

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