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Work with global clients, learn valuable skills, enjoy a culture focused on professional and personal development.


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We care about who you are, not what you are. We accept all kinds of applicants: fresh graduates, people re-entering the workforce, or experienced applicants from other industries.


Lumikha is at the forefront of start-up support for companies from Sydney to Dubai to Los Angeles.
When you work at Lumikha, you see the world from your desktop.


Your work at Lumikha builds your toolkit of skills and effective work techniques that follow you wherever you go.
We’re a learning organization comprised of relentlessly curious minds.


We think time is important — yours and ours.
We work hard for 32 hours/week and we recreate just as hard for the other 24.


At Lumikha we’ve got the swagger. We work hard to make great stuff: creative/effective marketing, delightful customer experience, cool websites, super tasty BBQ.


We manage marketing and support starting with full-on program analysis and processes.
This makes us both faster and better with quick execution and fewer errors.

Atelier Lumikha has over a decade of experience managing online marketing and customer support programs that help businesses support their customers with voice, chat, and email; gather, organize, and act on their marketing or operations data; and develop systems for process management and performance optimization. When our clients outsource work to us, they enjoy a tenured team of professionals, process excellence, transparent reporting, and rational pricing.